Home Mechanical Ventilation and Respiratory Care

Home Mechanical Ventilation and Respiratory Care

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Everything you can learn about fluid and the latest development in research from the world's top scientsits. Streaming is available on request.

More than 24 hours of content in english :

13th International Conference on Home Mechanical Ventilation 
4th European Respiratory Care Association Congress
Program :
JIVD is 23 years old
D. Robert (Lyon, FR)
ERCA : Who we are ?
P. Joud (Lyon, France)
Criteria and benefits according to different diseases in adults
M. Elliott (Leeds, UK)
How to define a well ventilated patient
C. Rabec (Dijon, FR)
The causes and assessment of chronic respiratory failure in
C. Wallis (London, UK)
When to start : which benefits according to different diseases
A. Simonds (London, UK)
Update in the ventilators and interfaces available for young
B. Fauroux (Paris, FR)
Limits of LTMV in ALS
A. Pinto (Parede, PT)
Multidisciplinary ALS centers
J. Gonzales (Paris, FR)
OHS in adults: a heterogeneous syndrome
JL Pepin (Grenoble, FR)
O. Jonquet (Montpellier, FR)
OHS in Children
R. Bhattacharjee (Chicago, US)
Modalities of Treatment
J.C. Janssens (Geneva, CH)
Update on actual indications
D. Robert (Lyon, FR)
Early Management
M-J Kampelmacher (Utrecht, NL)
Daily living for tracheostomised people
D. Orlikowski (Garches, FR)
Sleep related disturbances
P. Lévy (Grenoble, FR)
O2, PAP treatment modalities
S. Javaheri (Mason, US)
Future nedds for LTMV
P. Léger (Lyon, FR)
Guidelines according to different countries
D.A. McKim (Ottawa, Canada)
How to start a new center for LTMV
J. Escarrabill Sanglas (Barcelona, SP)
Therapeutic education - Limits
C. Terral (Montpellier, FR)
Therapeutic education - Experience
N. Ambrosino (Pisa, IT)
Definition of palliative use
O. Jonquet (Montpellier, FR)
Palliative use of NIV in Babies in Babies
B. Estournet (Garches, FR)
End of life and LTMV
M. Vitacca (Gussago, IT)
COPD heteregeneous disease
B. Make (Denver, US)
Decisions in ALS
P. Banfi (Milano, IT), E. Farrero (Barcelona, SP)
Apnea in chronic respiratory insufficiency
J. Verbraecken (Edegem, BE), P. De Lucas Ramos (Madrid, SP)
Novel uses of NIV, 
N. Hill (Boston, US), J. Benditt (Seattle, US)
How to start elective LTMV
M. Chatwin (London, UK), P.J. Wijkstra (Groningen, NL)
Acute exacerbation of chronically ventilated patients
A. Cuvelier (Rouen, FR), N. Hill (Boston, US)
Side effects during LTMV
F. Stehling (Essen, DE), O. Norregaard (Arhus, DK)
W. Windisch (Köln, DE), E. Clini (Modena, IT)
J. Winck (Porto, PT), B. Gaudon (Lyon, FR)
O2 supplementation in rehabilitation and in LTMV
J.C. Borel (Grenoble, FR), E. Clini (Modena, IT)
LT-Oxygen therapy versus LT-NIV in extra-pulmonary
restrictive disorders
J.C. Borel (Grenoble, FR)
R. Golstein (Toronto, CA), T. Marti (Barcelona, SP)
Update on home ventilators and modes
R. Farré (Barcelona, ES), F. Lofaso (Garches, FR)
Setting up of home and wheelchair for ventilated
neuromuscular individuals
P. Soudon (Brussels, BE), I. Badoil (Lyon, FR)
J-F Muir (Rouen, FR), M. Vitacca (Gussago, IT)
Sleep and NIV
D. Rodenstein (Brussels, BE), F. Masa (Caceres, SP)
Diaphragmatic pacing
J. Gonzalez-Bermejo (Paris, FR), R. Onders (Cleveland, US)
Follow-up during LTMV
M. Gaytant (Utrecht, NL), L. Noël (Montréal, CND)
Swallowing disorders
N. Terzi (Caen, FR), L. Jacquin (Lyon, FR)
Tetraplegia : clinical cases
B. Estournet (Garches, FR), J. Viroslav (Dallas, US)
Cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis
P-R Burgel (Paris, FR), F. Moran (Belfast, UK)
Ventilator Circuits and accessories
Z. Szkulmowski (Bydgoszcz, PL)
Humidification during long term mechanical venilation
Z. Szkulmowski (Bydgoszcz, PL)
Home polygraphy and Monitoring during LTMV
C. Perrin (Cannes, FR)
NIV in children
M. Pons (Barcelona, SP)
Interfaces for NIV
C. Gregoretti (Moncalieri, IT), G. Laier Groeneveld (Oberhausen, DE)
Clinical Cases: Cerebral Palsy and rare myopathies
M. Cols (Barcelona, SP), A. Vianello (Padova, IT)
Tracheostomy removal
J. Bach (Newark, US), M. Gonçalves (Porto, PT)
Speaking during mechanical ventilation
D. Hess (Danvers, US), H. Prigent (Garches, FR)
NIV and surgery in patients at risk
S. Jaber (Montpellier, FR)
NIV and surgery in patients at risk
G. Laier Groeneveld (Oberhausen, DE)

Specificity of elderly patients in ICU
M. Ferrer (Barcelona, SP)
Newborn: non invasive ventilation
G. Olguin (Buenos Aires, AR)
Acute newborn bronchiolitis
B. Fauroux (Paris, FR)
Effects and Impact of NIV
M. Toussaint (Brussels, BE)
Secretion Management techniques
M. Chatwin (London, UK)
Home Respiratory Care
O. Fondenes (Bergen, NO)
NIV and pulmonary rehabilitation
W. Windisch (Köln, DE)
Training post pulmonary rehabilitation
T. Troosters (Leuven, BE)
Prospective of a French working group - Pro-Con debate
B. Selleron (Orléans, FR)
Prospective of a French working group - Pro-Con debate
J. Bott (London, UK)