Winter Symposium Intensive Care - Vol. 5
Winter Symposium Intensive Care - Vol. 5
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Winter Symposium Intensive Care - Vol. 5

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More than 24 hours of content in english.

Program :

Welcome & introductory remarks Jean-Louis Vincent (Belgium) - Peter M Suter (Switzerland)

What is new in sepsis  - Jean-Louis Vincent (Belgium)

Microcirculatory effects of volume resuscitation  - Jean-Louis Teboul (France)

Ultrasound techniques: A skill for the intensivist:  - Marco Maggiorini (Switzerland) 

Regulation of the inflammatory response by the central nervous system - Peter M Suter (Switzerland) 

Round Table Antibiotic therapy: How long is enough?
Mod, Peter M Suuter (Switzerland)
Michael Bauer, Charlie Philips, Jordi Rello

Ethics in non-heart-beating organ donation  - Peter M Suter (Switzerland)

Pulmonary edema: Differential diagnosis - Marco Maggiorini (Switzerland)

Hemodynamics and EVLW in ALI/ARDS - Charlie Philips (United States)

Pro / Con Debate 
Strict glycemic control in the ICU 
PRO: Jean-Louis Teboul (France)
CON: Jean-Louis Vincent (Belgium)

Assessment of volume responsiveness - Jean-Louis Teboul (France)

Strategies to overcome antibiotic resistance - Jordi Rello (Spain) 

Development of multiple organ failure: some mechanisms - Michael Bauer (Germany)

Physician and nurse shortages: What solutions ? - Peter M Suter (Switzerland)

Supporting the failing heart - Richard Milton (United States) 

Round Table: Intra-aortic balloon pumping in the ICU: Could we do better? - Mod: Jean-Louis Vincent (Belgium) 
Marco Maggiorini, Richard Milton, Jean-Louis Teboul, Pascal Vranckx

Intraobdominal hypertension - Jean-Louis Vincent (Belgium)

When and how to give fluid ? - Jean-Louis Teboul (France) 

RV failure - Marco Maggiorini (Switzerland) 

Pro/Con Debate - Protocolized early goal directed therapy 
PRO: Michael Bauer (Germany)
CON: Jean-Louis Vincent (Belgium)

Microvascular and cellular injury in shock - Michael Bauer (Germany) 

Renal failure in sepsis - Michael Joannidis (Austria) 

Fluid management in sepsis - Charlie Philips (United States)

Round Table 
How to reach end-of-life decisions 
MOD.Marco Maggiorini (Switzerland) 
Michael Joannidis, Jean-Louis Vincent, Jordi Rello, Peter M Suter

New imaging techniques in respiratory failure - Antonio Pesenti (Italy)

The pulmonary artery catheter today - Jean-Louis Vincent (Belgium)

Renal replacement therapy - Michael Joannidis (Austria)

Pro/Con Debate - Early RRT
PRO : Marco Maggiorini (Switzerland)
CON : Michael Joannidis (Austria)

IV fluids: What type ? - Jean Louis Vincent (Belgium)

ARDS management Volume or diuretics ? - Charlie Philips (United States) 

Mechanical ventilation in COPD - Antonio Pesenti (Italy)

Antibiotics in severe community-acquired pneumonia - Jordi Rello (Spain)

Monitoring cardiogenic shock - Marco Maggiorini (Switzerland) 

Round table
Impoving communication in the ICU : 
MOD. Jean-Louis Vincent (Belgium)
Michael Bauer, Michael Joannidls, Charlie Philips, Antonio Pesenti

Extracoporeal liver support  - Michael Joannidis (Austria)

Hemodynamic effects of weaning from mechanical ventilation effects - Jean-Louis Teboul (France)

VAP: Diagnosis and treatment - Jordi Rello (Tarragona, Spain)

Pro/Con Debate 
Vasopression in septic shock
CON: Jean-Louis Vincent (Belgium)
PRO: Jean-Louis Teboul (France)

Wearing from mechanical ventilation - Antonio Pesenti (Italy)

Acute kidney injury - Michael Joannidis (Austria) 

ScvO2 monitoring: Options and limitations - Michael Bauer (Germany)

Cardiorespiratory stabilization: A team approach - Charlie Phillips (United States)

Extracorporeal gas exchange in 2010 - Antonio Pesenti (Italy)

Round table 
Handling of incidents and errors in the ICU 
MOD. Antonio Pesenti (Italy)
Marco Maggiorini, Jean-Louis Teboul, Jean-Louis Vincent, Charlie Phillips 

Gas exchange alterations in ARDS: Pathophysiological insights - Antonio Pesenti (Milan, Italy)

Training of doctors: More science or humanity ? - Peter M Suter (Switzerland)

Intensive care 2009: The challenges ahead - Jean-Louis Vincent (Belgium)

Pro/Con Debate 
Lung recruitment is beneficial 
PRO: Antonio Pesenti (Monza, Milan, Italy)
CON: Peter M Suter (Switzerland)