About Us

Following a presentation of the MULTIMEDIA EVENEMENTIEL concept with the Start up ONESCIENCE before a jury of HEC, the leading French business school, unanimously saluted, the company developed from 2000 onwards.
Only female founder of a company with unparalleled long-term sustainability within the HEC Start up curriculum.
During the years that followed, ONESCIENCE earned a reputation in the field of scientific content production.
With over 150 congresses gleaned along the way: from Bangkok via Steamboart Spring, Orlando in the US to Sydney, Rome, Prague, Berlin, Brussels, Monastir, Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, Florence, Zermatt, Gstaad, Cran Montana ...

Today, our company is responding to WHO's call for training tools made available to all physicians the World over.
We want to offer high scientific value content to as many practitioners as possible.
At SO ONE, we produce and publish scientific content on DVD and in the very near future.via streaming broadcast