About Us

How it started :

Twenty years ago, we came up with an idea to assist in the more rapid dissemination of scientific studies worldwide. We realized that most of the international congresses content was not available for some experts. And so, for twenty years, we’ve been going from one congress to an another, travelling the world, interviewing the world’s top scientists.

We have collected high-level content in more than thirty broad scientific areas among others resuscitation, cardiology, sepsis, pediatric and neonatal resuscitation, lung injuries… and we are the market leader on intensive care. 

Our mission :

Today, the MULTIMEDIA EVENEMENTIEL with the start-up SO ONE is responding to WHO’s call for training tools made available to all physicians the World over (set out in article 10 of WHO’s constitution). We want the information to spread across all the thought leaders, by making available the high scientific value content we have to as many medical workers as possible.

SO ONE’s offer :

At SO ONE, we produce and publish high scientific content on DVD, the most suitable tool to fulfill our mission and share the information with the scientists worldwide, notably in the region where you can’t always access the Web, and online sessions. However, streaming broadcast is available on request, on a dedicated area, and with all the functionalities of the DVD (chaptering, subtitling, …).

Furthermore, on the 150 congresses we gleaned, only four collections are referenced on the website for now, which mean that we can provide content on request. You will find the program of each referenced congress by clicking on the DVD cover. If you want to look at our catalogue, need any information or have any question, you can contact us at contact@e-onescience.org.

Several futures, one science !