SEPSIS - Vol. 3
SEPSIS - Vol. 3
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SEPSIS - Vol. 3

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More than 24 hours of content in english.

Program :

WINTER 2008:

Sepsis associated delirium - Djilali Annane (Garches, France) 

Pro/Con Extracorporeal membranes for removal of mediators in sepsis 
PRO: Claudio Ronco (Vicenza, Italy)
CON: Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium)

Relative adrenal insufficiency in sepsis - Djilali Annane (Garches, France)

Early goal directed therapy in sepsis - Derek C Angus (Pittsburgh, United States)

Pro/Con Invasive hemodynamics are essential for monitoring of severe sepsis 
CON : Djilali Annane (Garches, France)

How to quantify sepsis at the bedside - John C Marshall (Toronto, Canada)

New therapeutic interventions in sepsis: What is the future - John C Marshall (Toronto, Canada) 

What is sepsis after all? - John C Marshall (Toronto, Canada) 

Surviving sepsis campaign: What is next? - Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium) 

WINTER 2009:

What is new in sepsis - Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium) 

Renal failure in sepsis - Michael Joannidis (Innsbruck, Austria)

Fluid management in sepsis - Charlie Phillips (Portland, United States)

ISICEM 2008 : 

In sepsis - Christopher Ellis (London, Canada) 

Optimal trial design in sepsis - problems of large clinical trials - Edmund AM Neugebauer (Germany)

Microcirculation abnomalities in sepsis represent an adaptive response 
CON : Christopher Ellis (London, Canada)

The fundamental alterations in sepsis 

Cellular dysfunction - Jacques Duranteau (France) 

Microcirculatory alterations - Daniel De Bakcer (Brussels, Belgium)

Renal Alterations - John Kellum (Pittsburgh, United States) 

Myocardial alterations - Karl Werdan (Halle, Germany) 

Cardiac diastolic dysfunction - Jean-François Dhainaut (Paris, France)

ISICEM 2009 : 

Monitoring StO2 in sepsis - Jacques Creteur (Brussels, Belgium)

Estrogen receptor argonists in sepsis - Steven Opal (Providence, United States) 

Beta-blockage in sepsis - Djilali Annane (Garches, France)