1st International Fluid Academy Day (IFAD)

1st International Fluid Academy Day (IFAD)

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Everything you can learn about fluid and the latest development in research from the world's top scientsits. Streaming is available on request. 

More than 24 hours of content in english :

November 19th 2011 - Antwerp, Belgique


Morning sessions :

Give Fluids ? Make it Choice, not Chance (Part 1)

Chair: Rainer Gatz and Peter Rogiers

Introduction and basic concepts of fluid therapy
Niels Van Regenmortel 
Stewart says : saline sucks! The trouble with
hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis
Paul Elbers
The clash of the titans: crystalloids versus
Eric Hoste
Some colloids are more equal than others: does
our choice matter?
Sibylle Kozek-Langenecker
Give Fluids? Make it Choice, not Chance (Part 2)
Chair: Eric Hoste and Philippe Jorens
The hypertonics : lessons from massive fluid
administration for small volume therapy
Dirk Himpe
Hero or has-been: is there still a place for
Julia Wendon
Pushing the boundaries: what's beyond the final
Can Ince
Afternoon sessions :
Give Fluids? Avoid Floods (Part 1)
Chair: Julia Wendon and Alexander Wilmer
Fluid overload : poor cosmetics or bad
Manu Malbrain
Assessment of fluid therapy: use the right tool
for the right job!
Xavier Monnet
Perioperative fluid optimisation: from gut
feeling to closed loops?
Frederic Michard
Frank Starling revisited : the importance of
fluid responsiveness
Jean-Louis Vincent
The search for the Holy Grall continues : is
there a place for lactate?
Jan Bakker
Give Fluids? Avoid Floods (Part 2)
Chair: Jean-Louis Vincent and Azriel Perel
Dry lungs are happy, but a dry liver is deadly:
how can dye-dilution help us?
Michael Bauer
Techniques for the future: continuity versus
Azriel Perel
Putting it into practice: an interactive
The Faculty
Closing remarks: wrap it up!
Manu Malbrain