2nd International Fluid Academy Day

2nd International Fluid Academy Day

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perEverything you can learn about pediatric and neonatal ventilation and the latest development in research from the world's top scientists. Streaming is available on request.

 More than 24 hours of content in english : 

November 17th 2012 – Antwerp, Belgium

Towards the Perfect Fluid Strategy (Part 1)

Chair: Azriel Perel and Paul Elbers

Introduction : Niels Van Regenmortel

Crystalloids : What did we learn last year and what happened in the meantime?    Niels Van Regenmortel

Colloids: What did we learn last year and what happened in the meantime?
Rainer Gatz


All fluids are good!
Fluid strategy in the septic patient and ARDS
Jean-Louis Vincent

Is less really more?
Fluid strategy in the perioperative setting
Azriel Perel
There will be blood!
Fluid strategy in trauma and hemorrhagic shock
Sibylle Kozek-Langenecker


Towards the Perfect Fluid Strategy (Part 2)

Chair : Eric Hoste and Rainer Gatz

Answering the call of nature
Fluid strategy in traumatic brain injury

Philippe Jorens

All fluids are bad!
Fluid strategy in abdominal hypertension and liver failure

Julia Wendon

To pee or not to pee, that is the question!
Fluid strategy in acute kidney injury

Eric Hoste

It’s prime time!
Fluid strategy during cardiac surgery

Dirk Himpe

Micro particles contamination: Innocent bystander or real threat ?
Thomas Jack


Reaching the target (part 1)

Chair : Can Ince and Alexander Wilmer

Respect your goals and change your targets!
Interactive case discussion

Manu Malbrain

What’s all that dancing about?
Measuring fluid responsiveness

Xavier Monnet

The Black Box Revelation
What’s new in neuromonitoring? 
Giuseppe Citerio
Magic is in the air
Monitoring the respiratory system
Christian Putensen


Looking beyond heart and kidney! Solving the cardiorenal dilemma...       
Wilfried Mullens


The future of monitoring starts today
Capturing capillary leak - Can Ince


Reaching the Target (Part 2)

Chair: Xavier Monnet and Jan De Waele

From eyeballing to closed loops !
Perioperative fluid optimization - Frédéric Michard


Measuring the gut feeling! Latest news on abdominal pressure monitoring
Jan De Waele


Should we only think green ? Update on hepatosplanchnic monitoring
Alexander Wilmer


The Honorary IFAD Closing Lecture
Engineering the Superfluid

Monty Mythen

Round Table and Interactive Discussion
The Faculty
Wrap it up! 
Manu Malbrain