ESICM 2010

ESICM 2010

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Everything you can learn about fluid and the latest development in research from the world's top scientsits. Streaming is available on request. 

More than 24 hours of content in english :

23rd ESICM Annual Congress

09 - 13 October 2010
Barcelona - Spain
Diagnostic techniques: State of the art
Paiva José-Artur
Sepsis: Biomarkers to guide diagnosis 02
Pugin Jerome
Biomarkers to guide treatment
Wolff Michel
Can we really prevent VAP?
De Waele Jan
Can we predict VAP?
Timsit Jean-François
How to evaluate the intravascular volume status?
Rhodes Andrew
Heart-lung interactions during ALI: What should we
Vieillard-Baron Antoine
Vasoactive drugs or fluids?
Pinsky Michael
Any place for ELWI measurement?
Teboul Jean-Louis
Colloids or crystalloids?
Schortgen Frédérique
Albumin: Rationale, myths and facts
Evans Timothy
Physiology: What you should really know
Cariou Alain
Do we need a monitoring device?
Teboul Jean-Louis
Role of echocardiography
Balik Martin
Special situations: The ARDS patient
Rossaint Rolf
Special situations: Increased intra-abdominal
Malbrain Manu
NIV: Chose an interface & a ventilator
Brochard Laurent
A location: NIV outside the ICU?
Conti Giorgio
Choose a patient: Which role in hypoxemic failure?
Antonelli Massimo
Choose a patient: Postextubation?
Ferrer Miquel

Choose a patient: NIV at end of life?
Azoulay Elie
How many and where they come from
Rowan Kathryn
Outcome and ethnicity
Angus Derek
What about their infectious and non infectious
Soares Marcio
Cultural issues
Michalsen Andrej
ABC of justice
Michalsen Andrej
Intracranial haemorrhage
Horn Peter
Subarachnoid haemorrhage
Horn Peter
Arterial ischemic stroke
Chamorro Angel
Venous sinus thrombosis
Stevens Robert D.
Sepsis as a metabolic disease
Singer Mervyn
Mitochondrial Resucitation
Deutschman Clifford
Hormonal dysfunction in Sepsis
Annane Djillali
Systems biology to define septic states
J. Perren Cobb
How we arrived here: From Negovsky, Ibsen and
Safar to ICM today
Fisher Malcolm
The status of ICM in Europe today
Rhodes Andrew
Closing the gap between the Southern and
Northern hemispheres
Knobel Elias
Closing the gap between the Eastern and Western
Koh Younsuck
From several to make one: The creation of ICM as
a global speciality
Moreno Rui Paulo
Motility stimulating agents, facts and frauds
Preiser Jean-Charles
How do I improve intestinal circulation?
De Backer Daniel
Bacterial translocation from the gut: Myths and
Gatt Marcel
How to manage patients with intestinal trauma?
Gatt Marcel
How to evaluate intestinal function
Reintam Blaser Annika
Hepatorenal Syndrome - Diagnosis and
Fernandez Javier
RRT in liver failure: Current indications
Wendon Julia
RRT in liver failure: Practical modalities
Joannidis Michael
Extracorporeal liver therapies: What do RCTs tell
Saliba Faouzi
Postoperative delirium
Asehnoune Karim
No age limitations for surgical ICU?
Spies Claudia
Fast track for elderly patients?
Marsh Brian
Transfusion & coagulation
Ozier Yves
Duranteau Jacques
Raux Mathieu
Is it a problem ? Postoperative impairment of lung
Hedenstierna Goran
Pain treatment to improve respiratory function
Hiesmayr Michael
Conti Giorgio
Does the open lung concept reduce postoperative
lung dysfunction?
Gommers Diederik
Physiotherapy including mobilisation/ambulation
Gosselink Rik
Classification of cardio-renal syndromes
Druml Wilfred
Right ventricular dysfunction and kidney failure
Maggiorini Marco
Biomarkers of renal dysfunction
Hoste Eric
Fluid management in heart failure patients
Masip Josep
Pharmacologic interventions
Mebazaa Alexandre
Epidemiology update: Have outcomes improved?
Sandroni Claudio
Predicting outcome in the comatose patient
Stevens Robert D.
Post-resuscitation multi-organ dysfunction
Cariou Alain
Therapeutic options
Nolan Jerry
Infectious vs. non-infectious cause of SIRS
Bauer Michael
Role of biomarkers
Knobel Elias
Does PCT add to the sepsis diagnosis?
Chastre Jean
Role of bacterial DNA/RNA analysis
Bauer Michael
What will the future bring?
Cobb J. Perren
Bolus vs. continous protein intake
Ruiz-Santana Sergio
Protein intake and bedrest
Reintam Blaser Annika
The 'Nutrition Day' experience
Hiesmayr Michael
Global undernutrition
Berger Mette M
Studies over supplemental PN
Wernermann Jan
ECMO: Lessons from the past
Rossaint Rolf
Vascular access & management
Leprince Pascal
ECMO for ARDS: Most recent results
Quintel Michael