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Everything you can learn about intensive care and emergency medecine and the latest development in research from the world's top scientsits. Streaming is available on contest.

More than 24 hours of content in english.

32rd International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency medicine



Salle Henry Le Boeuf - Bozar

Opening [Standard presentation]

The end of sepsis studies?
Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium)

Report of the RT conference: Types of i.v. fluids
John Myburgh (Sydney, Australia), Monty G Mythen (London, United Kingdom)

The Max Harry Weil lecture: Quality of ICU care: Science
and humanity
Peter M Suter (Geneva, Switzerland)

Years of reporting medical news-edit. of the N Engl J Med
Jeffrey Drazen (Boston, United States)

Gold Hall

Disasters [Standard presentation]

Blood product supplies in disasters
Michael Reade (Herston QLD, Australia)

Embedding a physician in a military team
Lewis J Kaplan (New Haven, United States)

Blast injuries in the frontline
Iain Mackenzie (Birmingham, United Kingdom)

Application of mobile technologies
Alain Vuylsteke (Cambridge, United Kingdom)

Type of i.v. fluids [Standard presentation]

Crystalloids vs colloids
Matthias Jacob (München, Germany)

Effects of fluids on hemostasis
Thorsten Haas (Zürich, Switzerland)

Effects of fluids on the inflammatory response
Daniel L Traber (Galveston, United States)

Acid-base effects of crystalloids
Luciano Gattinoni (Milan, Italy)

Balancing solutions: What is the best anion?
Thomas John Morgan (Brisbane, Australia)

The dangers of hyperoncotic fluids
Gernot Marx (Aachen, Germany)

The limits of gelatins
Konrad Reinhart (Jena, Germany)

The fate of HES solutions in the body
Christian J Wiedermann (Bolzano, Italy)

Do all HES alter renal function?
Claude Martin (Marseille, France)

All i.v. fluids are good!
Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium)

The starch vs crystalloids studies [Std presentation]

Bertrand Guidet (Paris, France)

6S trial
Anders Perner (Copenhagen, Denmark)

John Myburgh (Sydney, Australia)


Gold Hall

Albumin [Standard presentation]

Albumin turnover in the septic patient
Jan Wernerman (Stockholm, Sweden)

Anti-inflammatory effects
Timothy Evans (London, United Kingdom)

Albumin could protect the lung
Greg S Martin (Atlanta, United States)

Albumin could protect the kidneys
Michael Joannidis (Innsbruck, Austria)

Is albumin more cost-effective than HES?
Albert Farrugia (Perth, Australia)

Albumin in septic shock: The ALBIOS study
Luciano Gattinoni (Milan, Italy)

Albumin in pediatric sepsis
Kathryn Maitland (Kililfi, Kenya)

Do we have enough evidence?
Lauralyn McIntyre (Ottawa, Canada)

VAP: Preventive measures [Standard presentation]

Respiratory protection
Charles Gomersall (Shatin, Hong Kong)

Oral hygiene
Stijn Blot (Ghent, Belgium)

Medical devices
Lorenzo Berra (Boston, United States)

Head-down position
Massimo Cressoni (Milano, Italy)

Supporting the immune system
Pierre Damas (Liège, Belgium)

Targets for resuscitation [Standard presentation]

Arterial pressure
Pierre Asfar (Angers, France)

Blood lactate
Jan Bakker (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Alan Jones (Jackson, United States)

Benoît Vallet (Lille, France)

Which one should we use?
Stephen Trzeciak (Camden, United States)

What are the pitfalls?
Konrad Reinhart (Jena, Germany)

How much fluid? [Standard presentation]

What are the goals/targets?
Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium)

New insights into the physiology of the vascular barrier
Matthias Jacob (München, Germany)

Fluid accumulation, renal injury and outcome
Sean Bagshaw (Edmonton, Canada)

The microcirculatory response to fluids
Jacques Duranteau (Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France)

Minute by minute measurements of urine output
Yaron Bar-Lavie (Haifa, Israel)

Gold Hall

ARDS: Clinical [Standard presentation]

The new Berlin definition
Marco Ranieri (Turin, Italy)

Does the definition matter?
Gordon Rubenfeld (Toronto, Canada)

The ARDS population has changed over time
Andres Esteban (Madrid, Spain)

Sepsis and ARDS: Which is the chicken & which the egg?
Jonathan Sevransky (Baltimore, United States)

Use of NAVA
Antonio Pesenti (Milan, Italy)

Pressure support ventilation with high PEEP
Diederik Gommers (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

How to do a recruitment maneuver
Jean-Michel Arnal (Toulon, France)

Echocardiography can help
Fabio Guarracino (Pisa, Italy)

Inhaled NO: Yes or no?
Steffen Rex (Leuven, Belgium)

Prone positioning:
Impact on gas exchange and lung mechanics
Antoine Vieillard-Baron (Boulogne-Billancourt, France)

Respiratory mechanics [Standard presentation]

Influence of pleural effusions, abdominal pressure &
John J Marini (St Paul, United States)

Monitoring mechanics in controlled mechanical ventilation
Marco Ranieri (Turin, Italy)

Monitoring mechanics in assisted mechanical ventilation
Robert M Kacmarek (Boston, United States)

How to measure FRC
John J Marini (St Paul, United States)

How to measure work of breathing
Giacomo Bellani (Monza, Italy)
Monitoring in the extubated patient
Olivier Mimoz (Poitiers, France)
Hemodynamic monitoring [Standard presentation]
The unmet needs
Wolfgang Huber (Gmund, Germany)
What is new since last March?
Karim Bendjelid (Geneva, Switzerland)
Pulse wave analysis indices of ventricular performance
Sabino Scolletta (Siena, Italy)
Calibrated vs non-calibrated cardiac output devices
Maurizio Cecconi (London, United Kingdom)
Transpulmonary thermodilution derived variables
Nicholas Kiefer (Bonn, Germany)
The pitfalls of transpulmonary thermodilution
Manu Malbrain (Antwerp, Belgium)
Applied functional hemodynamic monitoring
Michael Pinsky (Pittsburgh, United States)
The value of ScvO2
Xavier Monnet (Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France)
Use of mini-invasive esophageal echocardiography
Steffen Rex (Leuven, Belgium)
The place of 3D and strain echocardiography
Jan Poelaert (Brussels, Belgium)
The place of fuctional EIT
Daniel Reuter (Hamburg, Germany)
Precise measurements of urine output
Yaron Bar-Lavie (Haifa, Israel)
All systems have their limitations
Daniel De Backer (Brussels, Belgium)
Goal-directed: Why not widely adopted?
Berthold Bein (Kiel, Germany)
Gold Hall
Adjuncts in sepsis [Standard presentation]
Controlling heart rate
Andrea Morelli (Rome, Italy)
What do we do with statins?
Peter Kruger (Brisbane, Australia)
Immunoglobulin treatment based on PCT levels?
Zsolt Molnar (Szeged, Hungary)
Is IgM more relevant than IgG?
Karl Werdan (Halle, Germany)
Interferon gamma and GM-CSF
Jean-Daniel Chiche (Paris, France)
Antibiotic strategies [Standard presentation]
How to keep antibiotic therapy short
Jean Chastre (Paris, France)
Mono vs. combination therapy
Tobias Welte (Hannover, Germany)
Combination therapies
Michael S Niederman (Mineola, United States)
Neurological complications of beta-lactams
Frédérique Jacobs (Brussels, Belgium)
Antivirulence strategies to prevent infection
Jean Chastre (Paris, France)
Pharmacokinetics of antibiotics
Fabio S Taccone (Brussels, Belgium)
Vancomycin revisited
Herbert Spapen (Brussels, Belgium)
The most common errors
Claude Martin (Marseille, France)
Multiresistant organisms [Standard presentation]
We should take additional precautions for the patient with
multiresistant organisms :
Yes - Emilio Bouza (Madrid, Spain)
We should take additional precautions for the patient with
multiresistant organisms :
No - Mervyn Singer (London, United Kingdom)
A growing threat in the community
Eric Maury (Paris, France)
The role of recent antibiotic exposure
Marin Kollef (St Louis, United States)
Knowing the risk factors can improve management
Michael S Niederman (Mineola, United States)
MRSA: Are new antibiotics better?
Bernard Allaouchiche (Lyon, France)
Still a place for vancomycin?
Michel Wolff (Paris, France)
The spectrum of carbapenemase-producing Gram negative
Javier Garau (Barcelona, Spain)
Matteo Bassetti (Udine, Italy)
José Garnacho-Montero (Sevilla, Spain)
When I use colistin
Matteo Bassetti (Udine, Italy)
How I use colistin
Olivier Mimoz (Poitiers, France)
Bacteriophage therapy
Steven Opal (Providence, United States)