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Everything you can learn about intensive care and emergency medecine and the latest development in research from the world's top scientsits. Streaming is available on contest.

More than 24 hours of content in english.

28th International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine



Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium)

Report of the Round Table Conference on Improving Clinical
Trials in the Critically Ill
Derek C Angus (Pittsburgh, United States)
Jean-Paul Mira (Paris , France)

Neutrophil extracellular traps to kill bacteria
Paul Kubes (Alberta, Canada)

Microcirculatory response to shock
Christopher Ellis (London, Canada)

Research at altitude to investigate critical illness
Mike Grocott (London, United Kingdom)

The pros and cons of bundles
H. Bryant Nguyen (Loma Linda, United States)

Is it applicable in children?
Vinay M. Nadkarni (Philadelphia, United States)

Is it also applicable in ICU patients?
Azriel Perel (Tel Hashomer, Israel)

Do we need to study it further?
Derek C Angus (Pittsburgh, United States)

From wet to dry
Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium)

Fluid therapy in the surgical patient
Charles Brudney (Durham, United States)

Fluid management in renal failure
Claudio Ronco (Vicenza, Italy)

Fluid challenge vs preload indices
Maurizio Cecconi (Udine, Italy)

Copeptin measurements may help
Philipp Schuetz (Basel, Switzerland)

Using the ventilator to assess the circulation
Azriel Perel (Tel Hashomer, Israel)

Limits of this approach
Michel Slama (Amiens , France)

Assessing fluid responsiveness in spontaneously breathing
Jean-Louis Teboul (Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France)

We should be liberal
Mark Andrew Hamilton (London, United Kingdom)

We should be conservative
Stephan Jakob (Bern, Switzerland)

Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium)

Rajiv Jalan (London, United Kingdom)

Artificial colloids
Sylvain Bélisle (Montreal, Canada)

Hypertonic solutions
Marek Mirski (Baltimore, United States)

The microvascular effects of these solutions
Marcos Intaglietta (La Jolla, United States)


Non-invasive optical measurements
Chris Cooper (Colchester, United Kingdom)

What you can do in the lab
Marcos Intaglietta (La Jolla, United States)

What you can do at the bedside
Daniel De Backer (Brussels, Belgium)

In sepsis
Christopher Ellis (London, Canada)

In hemorrhagic shock
Jacques Duranteau (Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France)

Routine use or research toy?
Didier Payen (Paris, France)

Non-ventilatory measures to improve gas exchange
John J Marini (St Paul, United States)

Mannitol: Facts and fiction
Mike Diringer (St Louis, United States)

New guidelines
William M. Coplin (Detroit, United States)

Assessing cerebrovascular reactivity
Bendicht Wagner (Bern, Switzerland)

Transcranial Doppler
Jacques Duranteau (Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France)

Nino Stocchetti (Milan, Italy)

Multimodal monitoring
Stephan A Mayer (New York, United States)

Optimizing teamwork to prevent the burnout syndrome
[Round table]
Peter Suter (Geneva, Switzerland)
Elie Azoulay (Paris, France)
Julian F Bion (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
Brian H Cuthbertson (Aberdeen, United Kingdom)
Johan Decruyenaere
Paul Vespa (Los Angeles, United States)