SEPSIS - Vol. 1
SEPSIS - Vol. 1
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SEPSIS - Vol. 1

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More than 24 hours of content in english.

Program :

WINTER 2006 :

The role of apoptosis in shock and sepsis - Michael Bauer (Germany) 

Microcirculation in severe sepsis: 
What type of tools for what ? - Didier Payen (Paris, France)

Sepsis markets - Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium)


The use of the PAC in patients with sepsis
Pro - Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium)
Con - Didier Payen (Paris, France)

Sepsis management: new guidelines 2006 - Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium)

WINTER 2005 : 

Pro-Con debate: Immune monitoring is essential in sepsis 
Pro - Didier Payen (Paris-France) 
Con - Mervyn Singer (London, United Kingdom)

The kidney in sepsis - Didier Payen (Paris, France)

Mitochondrial dysfunction in sepsis: academic vs clinical relevance - J Takala (Bern, Switzerland)

ISICEM 2006 :

Report of the Round Table Conference on Mechanisms of sepsis induced organ dysfunction & recovery - Edward Abraham (Denver, United States) Mervyn Singer (London, United Kingdom) 

Surviving sepsis campaign - New guidelines - R. Phillip Dellinger (Camden, United States)

ISICEM  2005 : 

Extravascular lung water in sepsis - Mikhail Kirov (Arkhangelsk, Russia Federation) 

ISICEM 2004 : 

Coagulation and anticoagulation in sepsis - Overview - Steven Opal (Pawtucket, United States) 

Is the information helpful in the management of sepsis ? - Konrad Reinhart (Jena, Germany)

ISICEM 2003 : 

Organ dysfunction in sepsis (Standard presentation) Moderators : David Bihari (Sydney, Australia) Steve Hollenberg (Cherry Hill, United States)

The brain - Tarek Sharshar (London, United Kingdom) 

The kidney - Patrick Murray (Chicago, United States) 

The heart - Johan Groeneveld (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 

The liver - Julia Wendon (London, United Kingdom)

Immunomodulation in sepsis and pneumonia: differences between community-acquired and noscomial pathogens - Tom van der Poll (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

This is a compilation of the session which treated sepsis in congresses recorded by OneScience