SEPSIS - Vol. 1
SEPSIS - Vol. 1
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SEPSIS - Vol. 1

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Everything you can learn about SEPSIS and the latest development in research from the world's top scientists. Streaming is available on request.

More than 24 hours of content in english.

Program :

WINTER 2006 :

The role of apoptosis in shock and sepsis - Michael Bauer (Germany) 

Microcirculation in severe sepsis: 
What type of tools for what ? - Didier Payen (Paris, France)

Sepsis markets - Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium)


The use of the PAC in patients with sepsis
Pro - Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium)
Con - Didier Payen (Paris, France)

Sepsis management: new guidelines 2006 - Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium)

WINTER 2005 : 

Pro-Con debate: Immune monitoring is essential in sepsis 
Pro - Didier Payen (Paris-France) 
Con - Mervyn Singer (London, United Kingdom)

The kidney in sepsis - Didier Payen (Paris, France)

Mitochondrial dysfunction in sepsis: academic vs clinical relevance - J Takala (Bern, Switzerland)

ISICEM 2006 :

Report of the Round Table Conference on Mechanisms of sepsis induced organ dysfunction & recovery - Edward Abraham (Denver, United States) Mervyn Singer (London, United Kingdom) 

Surviving sepsis campaign - New guidelines - R. Phillip Dellinger (Camden, United States)

ISICEM  2005 : 

Extravascular lung water in sepsis - Mikhail Kirov (Arkhangelsk, Russia Federation) 

ISICEM 2004 : 

Coagulation and anticoagulation in sepsis - Overview - Steven Opal (Pawtucket, United States) 

Is the information helpful in the management of sepsis ? - Konrad Reinhart (Jena, Germany)

ISICEM 2003 : 

Organ dysfunction in sepsis (Standard presentation) Moderators : David Bihari (Sydney, Australia) Steve Hollenberg (Cherry Hill, United States)

The brain - Tarek Sharshar (London, United Kingdom) 

The kidney - Patrick Murray (Chicago, United States) 

The heart - Johan Groeneveld (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 

The liver - Julia Wendon (London, United Kingdom)

Immunomodulation in sepsis and pneumonia: differences between community-acquired and noscomial pathogens - Tom van der Poll (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

This is a compilation of the session which treated sepsis in congresses recorded by OneScience