SEPSIS - Vol. 3
SEPSIS - Vol. 3
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SEPSIS - Vol. 3

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Everything you can learn about SEPSIS and the latest development in research from the world's top scientists. Streaming is available on request.

More than 24 hours of content in english.

Program :

WINTER 2008:

Sepsis associated delirium - Djilali Annane (Garches, France) 

Pro/Con Extracorporeal membranes for removal of mediators in sepsis 
PRO: Claudio Ronco (Vicenza, Italy)
CON: Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium)

Relative adrenal insufficiency in sepsis - Djilali Annane (Garches, France)

Early goal directed therapy in sepsis - Derek C Angus (Pittsburgh, United States)

Pro/Con Invasive hemodynamics are essential for monitoring of severe sepsis 
CON : Djilali Annane (Garches, France)

How to quantify sepsis at the bedside - John C Marshall (Toronto, Canada)

New therapeutic interventions in sepsis: What is the future - John C Marshall (Toronto, Canada) 

What is sepsis after all? - John C Marshall (Toronto, Canada) 

Surviving sepsis campaign: What is next? - Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium) 

WINTER 2009:

What is new in sepsis - Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium) 

Renal failure in sepsis - Michael Joannidis (Innsbruck, Austria)

Fluid management in sepsis - Charlie Phillips (Portland, United States)

ISICEM 2008 : 

In sepsis - Christopher Ellis (London, Canada) 

Optimal trial design in sepsis - problems of large clinical trials - Edmund AM Neugebauer (Germany)

Microcirculation abnomalities in sepsis represent an adaptive response 
CON : Christopher Ellis (London, Canada)

The fundamental alterations in sepsis 

Cellular dysfunction - Jacques Duranteau (France) 

Microcirculatory alterations - Daniel De Bakcer (Brussels, Belgium)

Renal Alterations - John Kellum (Pittsburgh, United States) 

Myocardial alterations - Karl Werdan (Halle, Germany) 

Cardiac diastolic dysfunction - Jean-François Dhainaut (Paris, France)

ISICEM 2009 : 

Monitoring StO2 in sepsis - Jacques Creteur (Brussels, Belgium)

Estrogen receptor argonists in sepsis - Steven Opal (Providence, United States) 

Beta-blockage in sepsis - Djilali Annane (Garches, France)