Update on Renal Replacement Therapy in the ICU
Update on Renal Replacement Therapy in the ICU
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Update on Renal Replacement Therapy in the ICU

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Everything you can learn about renal replacement therapy in the ICU and the latest development in research from the world's top scientsits. Streaming is available on request.

More than 24 hours of content in english.

Program :

Welcome to Roma: Caput Mundi - M. Antonelli (Rome, Italy)
Welcome to the meeting Renal failure in the ICU - J-L. Vincent (Brussels, Belgium)
Evolution of our technologies - C. Ronco (Vicenza, Italy)
Plans for the meeting - faculty

Basic Concepts :

Mechanisms of solute transport across membranes - C. Ronco (Vicenza, Italy)
Principles of extracorporal circulation - Z. Ricci (Rome, Italy)
Vascular access - R. Bellomo (Melbourne, Australia)
The classical prescription of dialysis - P. Saudan (Geneva, Switzerland) 

Monitoring and Control of Delivery

Pre or post dilution - Monitoring of the extracorporeal circuit - Z. Ricci (Rome, Italy)
Control of treatment delivery - D. Payen (Paris, France) 
Optimal ultrafiltration - J. Prowle (London, UK)
Electrolytes management - O. Joannes-Boyau (Bordeaux, France) 
How can biomakers help ? 
J. Kellum (Pittsburgh, USA) 

When to start ? When to stop ?

When should we start RTT ? - J. Kellum (Pittsburgh, USA)
When should we stop RTT ? - P. Pickkers (Nijmegen, the Netherlands) 
Round Table Discussiopn - R Bellomo (Melbourne, Australia), J. Kellum (Pittsburgh, USA), C. Ronco (Vicenza, Italy), M. Joannidls (Innsbruck, Austria), P. Pickkers (Nikmegen, The Netherlands)

Modality Intermittent vs continuous RRT 

Intermittent RTT is OK - J. Prowle (London, UK) 
I prefer continuous RRT - R. Bellomo (Melbourne, Australia) 
SLED may be the best option - M. Joannidis (Innsbruck, Austria)

RRT in special situations 

RRT in neurologic crises - F. Taccone (Brussels, Belgium) 
RRT in cardiac failure - J. Prowle (London, UK)
RRT in respiratory failure - M. Joannidis (Innsbruck, Austria) 

The shortcomings 

Frequent problems - Z. Ricci (Rome, Italy) 
Temperature control: is it important ? - M. Joannidis (Innsbruck, Austria) 
Electrolyde disorders (Hypophophaternia, hypomagnesemia...) - D. Payen (Paris, France)
Antibiotic therapy during RRT - M. Antonelli (Rome, Italy)F. Taciibe (Brussels, Belgium)
Elimination of other drugs - O. Joannes - Boyau (Bordeaux, France)


Heparins, heparinoids and direct thrombin inhibitors - M. Joannidis (Innsbruck, Austria) 
Citrate anticoagulation - P. Skeuden (Geneva, Switzerland) 
The problems with citrate - O. Joannes-Boyau (Bordeaux, France) 
When to use one vs the other - D. De Backer (Brussels, Belgium)

Removal of bad humors 

Is there a rationale for RRT in sepsis ? - D. De Baker (Brussels, Belgium)
Coupled plasma filtration - E. Turani (Rome, Italy) 
Polymoxin - B. hemoperfusion - M. Antonelli (Rome, Italy)
MOST - C. Ronco (Vicenza, Italy) 

How to enhance treatment performance ? 

High volume is better - C. Ronco (Vicenza, Italy) 
High permeability is better - R. Bellomo (Melbourne, Australia) 
High adsorption is better - J. Kellum (Pittsburgh, USA)

Round table discussions 

Vascular access - O. Joannes-Boyau (Bordeaux, France), D. Payen (Paris, France), E. Turani (Rome, Italy)F. Taccono (Brussels, Belgium)
Clooting and bleeding - M. Joannidia (Innsbruck, Austria), D. De Bakcer (Brussels, Belgium), R. Bellomo (Melbourne, Australia), P. Saudan (Geneva, Switzerland), O. Joannes-Boyau (Bordeaux, France) 
Technical complications and troubleshooting - R. Bellomo (Melbourne, Australia), C. Ronco (Vicenz, Italy), Z. Ricci (Roma, Italy), P. Pickkers (Njimegen, the Netherlands)
How to guide fluid withdrawal - just by formula ? - M. Antonelli (Rome, Italy), D. De Becker (Brussels, Belgium), D. Payen (Paris, France), J. Prowle (London, UK)
My small tricks 
All the faculty


The take messages - Plans for publication