Winter Symposium Intensive Care - Vol. 2
Winter Symposium Intensive Care - Vol. 2
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Winter Symposium Intensive Care - Vol. 2

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More than 24 hours of content in english.

Program :

05 February, 2006

Mechanical ventilation in ALI & ARDS - Peter Suter (Genevan, Switzerland)
Communication in the ICU - Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium)
A new model to solve ethical conflicts within the staff of an ICU - Marco Maggiorini (Zurich, Switzerland)
The role of apoptosis in shock and sepsis - Michael Bauer (Germany)
Round the table: Do we need medical emergency teams? 

06 February, 2006

Mechanics of VILI - A new tri-dimensional model to explain VILI - Marco Ranieri (Turin, Itlay)
Mechanisms of solute and water removal in extracoporeal techniques - Claudio Ronco (Vicenza, Italy) 
Pro/Con: Vasopressors in septic shock - Jean-Louis Teboul (Le Kremlin-Bicêtre- France), Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium)
End-of-life: Importance of ethnic & cultural factors - René Chiolero (Lausanne, Switzerland) 
Microcirculation in severe sepsis: What type of tools for what? - Didier Payen (Paris, France)
Sepsis markers - Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium)
The septic patient with high troponin levels - Alexander Geppert (Vienna, Austria)
Reducing ICU morbidity with foal directed therapy - Max Jonas (Southampton, UK)
Round table: Parenteral nutrition: the remaining indications 

07 February, 2006

Weaning from MV: What have been the fondamental advances in the last years ? - Jordi Mancebo (Barcelona, Spain)
Hemodynamic consequences of wearing from MV - Jean-Louis Teboul (Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France
Pro/Con: Prone position in ARDS patients - Jordi Mancebo (Barcelona, Spain) Marco Ranieri (Turin, Italy)
Is cardiogenic shock an inflammatory disease? - Alexander Gerpper (Vienna, Austria)
The pitfalls of cardiac output technology assessment - Max Jonas (Southamton, UK)
B-type natriuretic peptide: A marker for heart failure in a medical ICU ? - Marco Maggiorini (Zurich, Switzerland) 
Microcirculation in shock - Michael Bauer (Germany)
Round table: Training in ICM Specialist as generalist

08 February, 2006

Preventing protein catabolism in the critically III - René Chiolero (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Is oxygen delivery (DO2) monitoring in ICU patients useful? - Max Jonas (Southampton, UK) 
Pro/Con: Crystalloids or Colloids: Status 2006 (Pro Crytalloids, Pro Colloids) - Marco Maggiorini (Zurich, Switzerland)
New treatment for pulmonary hypertension - Marco Maggiorini (Zurich, Switzerland) 
Lactic acidosis - Didier Payen (Paris, France)
Liver failure: Molecular biology, array and multiplex techniques in the ICU - Michael Bauer (Germany)
Acute liver failure - Alexander Geppert (Vienna, Austria) 
Pulmonary edema: PAOP and EVLW measurements - Jean-Louis Teboul (Le Krmlin-Bicêtre, France)
Round table: Continuous or intermittent renal replacement therapy in the ICU 

09 February, 2006

Sleep in the mechanically ventilated patient - Jordi Mancebo (Barcelona, Spain)
Do my patients sleep? - Marco Ranieri (Turin, Italy)
Fish oil to modulate the inflammatory response - René Chiolero (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Pro/Con ; The use if the PPAC in patients with sepsis - Jean-Louyis Vincent (Brussels - Belgium) Didier Payen (Paris, France)
Monitoring in head trauma - Didier Payen (Paris, France)
Use of CPAP in the post-operative period - Marco Ranieri (Turin, Italy) 
Assessment of fluid responsiveness - Jean-Louis Teboul (Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France)
Is recruitment still required? - Peter Suter (Geneva, Switzerland)
Evolution of CRRT technology (30 years in 30 minutes - Claudio Ronco (Vicenza Italy)
Round table: Management of fever in the ICU 

10 February, 2006

RRT prescription in 5 steps - Claudio Ronco (Vicenza, Italy) 
Sepsis management new guidelines 2006 - Jean-Louis Vincent (Brussels, Belgium)
Adequate AB therapy - Peter Suter (Geneva, Switzerland) 
Pro/Con NIV for patients with ALI - Jordi Mancebo (Barcelona, Spain) Marco Ranieri (Turin, Italy)